2018 Award Winner Adrianna Corona – Phoenix, AZ

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My Story

Adrianna Corona, RN

Phoenix, AZ

What a pleasure it was to speak with Adrianna and learn more about her. She is a delightful person and definitely a people pleaser, like so many Nurses. She is a busy mother of 2 teenage daughters, going to school full time, and working outside the home as well.

She recently received her tuition bill and was wondering how she was going to be able to pay it. She said “I can’t stop my education, but how am I going to come up with the money to pay this bill on time?”. Within a few days of receiving that tuition bill, she received my call telling her the terrific news. Of course, she couldn’t believe it. She said “I’ve never won anything!” You can no longer say that anymore Adrianna!


When she was younger, Adrianna always wanted to be a pediatrician. However, her daughters came along and that changed her path. She wanted to be in the medical field, so Nursing was the obvious choice for her. After graduation from high school, she took her prerequisites and worked full time in a law firm as a file clerk, then moved on to support services, and then to hospitality setting up conference meetings, etc. She worked there 14 years until she needed more flexibility because she wanted to go to Nursing school full time.

While her daughters were young, Adrianna took her prerequisite classes at Phoenix Community College. She hoped to attend their Nursing program, but the waiting list was 2 years for an Associate’s degree.


She was accepted to Chamberlain University in Phoenix in August 2016 and she started the BSN program in September of that year. Thankfully, her credits transferred to Chamberlain. She’s in her 3rd block and plans to graduate in April, 2019. She’s quite confident she’s narrowed down her specialty to Labor & Delivery or Pediatrics.

When not attending classes or clinical, Adrianna is a caregiver for seniors and she can pick her shifts. Sometimes she’s working in a private home or nursing facility. As a caregiver she bathes, dresses, assists with meals, does housekeeping, and is a companion.

Her biggest priority is and always will be her daughters. She loves attending their sporting events and wants her girls to know she supports and loves them unconditionally. Her youngest is in club volleyball and she’s always there for her tournaments. Adrianna is blessed to be part of a large family who has helped her raise her girls. Sunday gatherings is a family tradition with her grandmother always cooking a big meal. Adriana said “Just being with her is terrific”.


Adrianna’s 1st clinical rotation was in long term care with the elderly. She liked it, but was curious to learn more in her other clinical rotations. She thought working with the elderly, babies or kids would be the easiest because that’s where her interests lie. She realized after her 1st rotation, she didn’t love working with the elderly as much as she thought she would.

She moved on to her Med/Surg rotation, which she liked, but still was not finding satisfaction. When she got to OB, she knew… this is it! She said “OB is exciting, happy, a great experience and so rewarding!”.

Her most recent clinical was in Pediatrics and she loved it too. As mentioned, she’s narrowing it down. Her next clinical is in mental health and she’s looking forward to it.

She has classes on Mondays & Thursdays, clinical on Tuesdays, simulation on Fridays; keeps up with her daughter’s schedules and activities; works on the weekends and picks up other shifts too.

I asked about her hobbies and her response was “studying, studying and more studying” which I know you can all relate to as Nurses. There isn’t much time for hobbies, but she loves to exercise and hike, and she manages to sleep when she can.

Congratulations Adrianna – we are delighted our Annual $5,000 Education Award will help you with your tuition bill. All the Best to you!!