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  • Education Award Winner 2017

    …and our 2017 DiversityNursing.com Annual $5,000 Education Award Winner is… Tom Dion. by Pat Magrath …

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    Requirements for Entering Our 2017 $5,000 Education Award No essay required. You must be enrolled as …

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Health Providers Impacting Youth Sports Related Injuries

  Children being involved with sports and other physical activities is a normal and healthy part of their life. Unfortunately injuries can happen. Thankfully healthcare professionals are working to find ways to better treat and prevent injuries. Here are a few examples… Almost half a million children visit emergency rooms annually …

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7 Unique Nursing Jobs

There are many Nursing specialties to choose from. There may be jobs that suit your needs and interests perfectly, but you had no idea they existed as an option. Here are some positions you might not have considered as a career path for yourself. Camp Nurse Camp nurses serve typically …

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These Nurses Are Also Inventors

You see problems with the equipment, software, bedding, clothing, etc. you use in your job every day. If you have an idea to make something better, here are a few inspirational stories of Nurses who acted on their ideas to create a better solution to the problems they encountered. Decades …

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Conflict Resolution in Nursing

Workplace conflict is common across all industries especially in a fast paced and stressful field like Nursing. Conflict mediation can be complex and typically Nurse managers step in to help resolve the problem. Acoording to Nurse.com, conflict is a disagreement between two or more people who differ in attitudes, beliefs, …

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Burnout In Nursing

Burnout amongst Nurses isn’t a new thing. In fact, it could be getting worse. With a combination of Nurses retiring and an influx of aging patients, this can become too much to handle and some will leave their profession. According to Fierce Healthcare, several stressors lead to high levels of …

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