In speaking to employers around the country, it’s clear that Nurse Recruiters need a way to reach a broader, more diverse group of Nurses. Schools of Nursing are aware of the need to increase diversity in their student population. This is why we created DiversityNursing.com…

  • To address the growing demand for Nurses across the country.
  • To address the increasing need for Healthcare Institutions’ Nurses to reflect the populations they serve.
  • To increase diversity in both the employee and student Nurse populations.
  • To assist with the demand for Nurse Educators and Mentors.
  • To offer an online marketing/branding vehicle for Healthcare employers and Schools of Nursing to reach diverse pools of candidates as the world moves away from print media.

DiversityNursing.com was born in 2007 as a Career Job Board, Community, and Information Resource for Nurses regardless of age, race, gender, religion, education, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or physical characteristics. We are a “niche” website for Nurses of all levels of experience from Student Nurses up to CNO’s. We strive to be the 1st place Nurses look to for job opportunities and educational information as it pertains to the Nursing profession, careers, education and diversity.

Anyone who hires or offers educational opportunities to Nurses — Healthcare Institutions, Insurance Companies, Schools of Nursing, the Military , etc — must advertise on our website to promote their commitment to Diversity and Inclusion to our diverse visitors across the country. Nurses can respond to your Job Postings, Banners, Employer Profiles and eNewsletter Sponsorships.

Every year, to give back to the Nursing community, we offer our Annual $5,000 Education Award. The winner’s name is drawn in May during Nurses Week.

For more information about how you can reach our diverse and growing audience, please call   Pat Magrath at 781-248-3446 or email her at pmagrath@diversitynursing.com. To learn about Advertising Opportunities, click here.