University Hospitals

University Hospitals is the second largest private employer in Northeast Ohio with 28,000 employees.

We serve the needs of patients through an integrated network of 18 hospitals, more than 50 outpatient health centers and primary care physician offices in 16 counties. UH features a physician network of 1,700 employed physicians and 3,000 affiliated members of our medical staff. More than 1,100 residents and fellows train each year at UH in more than 100 residency and fellowship programs.

At University Hospitals, our extraordinary Nurses enable us to advance the science of health and the art of compassion.

And in turn, we help our Nurses thrive by equipping them with the environment they need to empower, advocate, innovate, and achieve excellence in human caring. Because when Nurses shape their own vision of success, they grow beyond bounds. When nurses collaborate on groundbreaking research, they forge the future of health care.

When Nurses are encouraged to advocate for patients’ best interests, they take family-focused care to new heights. When Nurses have a voice that’s valued, everyone benefits. But especially you.

Specialty Areas

  • Inpatient/Outpatient
    Thrive as an essential part of our caregiver team in a clinical setting.
  • Home Care
    Become a vital resource for the safe, rapid, and comfortable home-based recovery of our patients.
  • Emergency Services
    Join our expert team of caregivers in our Emergency Services.
  • Nursing Leadership
    UH helps our Nurse leaders thrive by equipping them with the tools, talents, and environment they need to advance the Nursing profession- and themselves.
  • Transitional Care Management
    Coordinated care efforts to improve service quality and better patient experience.
  • Nursing Administration 
    Go beyond the traditional bedside and clinical patient service role.
  • Nursing Supplemental Resources
    Join a dedicated unit-based team or float between departments and facilities for maximum flexibility and impact.
  • Student Nurse Opportunities
    Apply for an RN internship or other programs for Nursing students looking to learn and grow with UH.

At UH, we don’t see diversity and inclusion as just another program; instead, these concepts are woven into the fabric of our organization and are truly a part of who we are and how we work.

We believe that UH has a responsibility to promote positive change in the community by serving as a model environment for cultural diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to provide quality health care, improve access to health care and to provide education as a way to help eliminate health care disparities. Our strategy for addressing disparities in northeast Ohio is comprised of three principles – community outreach, recruitment and supplier diversity. Each is connected to the other, and each contributes to improving the quality of health care we are able to provide to our region.

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It is the policy of University Hospitals to provide equal opportunity to all of our employees and applicants for employment. Decisions concerning employment, transfers and promotions or other conditions of employment are all made upon the basis of the best qualified candidate without regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, veteran status, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status in accordance with Federal and Ohio law. A qualified individual with a disability will be considered for employment on the same basis as non- disabled applicants if he/she can perform the essential functions of the job sought, with or without a reasonable accommodation, and without imposing a direct threat to the health or safety of others or him/herself.

University Hospitals