Trinity Health Of New England

Who is Trinity Health Of New England:  

THOfNE is an integrated health care delivery system comprised of world-class providers and facilities dedicated to the full spectrum of preventive, acute, and post-acute care, all delivered with the triple aim of better health, better care, and lower costs for our patient populations. 

In New England, our hospitals, walk-in clinics, medical offices, specialized facilities, affiliated institutions, and foundations serve a population of nearly 3 million people.

As part of the national network, Trinity Health, based in Livonia, Michigan, and one of the nation’s largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems, THOfNE is uniquely positioned to advance health care through alliances with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University, and through our own research institutions dedicated to the development of primary care, new treatments for cancer, multiple sclerosis, and much more. 

What it is like to work with THOfNE? 

We are an exceptional healthcare environment and team-based atmosphere to start! Our departments work together to provide the best care available to all of our patients, many of which we know due to our commitment to the community. Year after year, our goal is to assist with providing care to those who traditionally would not have the means to receive the high level of care we provide.  We also believe that our colleagues best describe the THOfNE experience. 

 Lindsey G., Nurse Director at Mercy Medical Center, said it best, “We approach each patient as an individual, not a number or a disease or a condition. We treat them, and their families, like we would want our own loved ones to be treated. Our team is dedicated to reviewing and measuring everything they do on a routine basis, and embrace process improvements, lean methodologies, and new technologies to do it even better. Some of our employees are relatives and have been here for many years. This is a true testament to the love and dedication they have for serving our community. We love what we do and where we work. We have a lot of experience within our walls and love to nurture and grow our new nursing team.” 

 Don’t believe how great it is to work at THOfNE, yet? We believe our team is the best at sharing why.  


Allison’s Story:  

From a young age, Allison wanted to work at Saint Francis Hospital.  As she was preparing for college, she would drive by the Emergency Department and tell her family that she wanted to work there.  Allison started at Saint Francis Hospital as a volunteer and eventually went to Nursing School.  During the summer of her senior year in college, she had the opportunity to become a student nurse intern, where she gained knowledge about how to practice nursing in the Emergency Department.  This is when Allison realized nursing is her calling and our Emergency Department was the perfect environment for her to live out her dream.   As part of our team, Allison met interesting and diverse groups of people which solidified her decision to accept a position as a Graduate Nurse Resident.  Five years later, Allison is working as an ED Leader in the department she loves. She enjoys being a part of employee engagement, trauma cases, and new clinical experiences. 



Erica’s Story:  

Erica has been in practice for 10 years and was quickly promoted into a leadership position 3 years after beginning in the field.  She is devoted and passionate when it comes to delivering the safest and highest quality of care to patients. Erica excels at assisting her team members growth into their next opportunity.  Erica decided to join THOfNE – Saint Mary’s Hospital in April 2020, where she quickly learned of opportunities to expand her knowledge base and grow as a leader.  Erica was impressed by her onboarding experience finding it better than experiences at other institutions.  The Talent Acquisition team was incredibly supportive and did their part to foster a seamless transition. Erica’s favorite aspects of the network include   opportunities to interface with all levels of management, respect for her opinions, and the support her and the team feels each and every day. 



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