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How RNs Can Practice Patient Advocate Nursing

Written by Brian Engard Registered nurses are the most frequent point of contact with patients in healthcare. They “provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They …

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A TED Talk Tribute To Nurses [VIDEO]

This heartwarming Ted Talk is a glimpse into a 5-year journey of over 100 interviews with Nurses across America. Carolyn Jones discusses big health issues like aging, war, poverty, and prisons. She also gains insight from these interviews as to what made them become Nurses. Jones advocates for the diversity …

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What To Know Before You Become A Correctional Nurse

Have you ever considered your profession in a prison? Have you wondered what it’s like to be a Nurse in a prison? Perhaps you didn’t realize that prisons employ Nurses. It’s a necessity for the prisoners as they are patients with medical conditions that have been neglected for years. If …

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Important Questions Regarding Your Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Diversity The emergence of cultural diversity in today’s society has impacted the inner-framework of the healthcare sector. By the year 2043, studies predict that the current ethnic and racial minority group populations will become the new majority. Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence are topics that carry weight and emphasis …

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Cultural Competency: Matters of Modesty

Growing up, we were taught to be modest. As we became adults and more comfortable with who we are as a person, modesty may have become more important in our lives, or perhaps, less important. It depends on our personal circumstances and beliefs. Whatever our personal feelings are, as a …

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Use Informational Interviews To Move Your Career Forward

Maybe you’re not looking for a new job, maybe you are, or maybe you want to learn more and gain helpful insight and tips about your field. Perhaps you’re thinking about changing your specialty and if you are, do you need to go back to school? The best way to …

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