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What can I do to be culturally sensitive to my patients?

Angela Adjetey-Appiah, MSN, MPH, MA, RN, FAACM Director of Oncology Services Exeter Hospital Special Author for Diversitynursing.com  Question: What can I do to be culturally sensitive to my patients? –Patrycja C. Answer: To be culturally sensitive, you have to be culturally competent. This is “nursing knowledge and understanding of another …

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Cultural Competency: Matters of Modesty

Growing up, we were taught to be modest. As we became adults and more comfortable with who we are as a person, modesty may have become more important in our lives, or perhaps, less important. It depends on our personal circumstances and beliefs. Whatever our personal feelings are, as a …

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10 Tips On Providing Culturally Competent Care To LGBTQ Patients

How knowledgeable are you about the LGBTQ community and their healthcare issues? Do you know enough about the terms used in this community, such as the word queer? It doesn’t mean what it used to mean. As the LGBTQ community becomes more comfortable coming out and expressing themselves, hopefully they …

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