Quality Over Quantity: Why Niche Job Boards Work In Your Favor

Large job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor compete to display millions of jobs. Niche job boards like our DiversityNursing.com job board, help you reach a more precise audience..

Niche job boards are generally smaller job boards that are location or industry focused. Many niche job boards are sponsored and/or maintained by industry leading professional associations. From a recruiter’s perspective, the industry focus of niche job boards helps to target job advertisements toward qualified candidates.

Healthcare organizations need to look at the importance of the recruiting function, and how, if recruiters are able to bring more high-quality talent into the organization, that level of quality will cascade through everything else employees do, ultimately impacting the delivery of patient care.

Recruiters like posting jobs on niche boards because they know that everyone applying is in the right place. Applicants won’t find search results for jobs outside their profession so recruiters won’t receive resumes that don’t pertain to the job description they posted. This naturally leads to smaller candidate pools, allowing the recruiter more time to consider each application.

These smaller job boards are familiar with particular specialties, job titles, certifications and keywords your desired audience uses and requires. They understand and stay up-to-date on the hiring trends for their niche profession. For example, if a large organization is laying off workers, a niche job board can help you target a specific market.

Niche boards also offer outstanding branding opportunities such as job alerts, banner advertisements, company culture pages like DiversityNursing.com’s Employer Profiles, to help promote your job posts.

Another important asset a niche board has is professional staff who know your name and answer your calls and questions. They believe that people matter, your time is precious, and good communication is key. This means no waiting on a chat bot or voice recording.

Although niche job boards do not boast the traffic of larger sites like Career Builder and Monster, it would be naïve to rule them out of recruitment advertising budgets. Niche job boards attract specific candidates that possess specialized skills and more relevant, up-to-date experience. They also receive higher quality and more relevant applications. Therefore, niche job boards are the fastest way to find strong candidates, leading to lower cost-to-fill.


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