Education Award Winner 2009

The 2009 $5,000 Education Award winner is Priya Ramdass from New York, NY.

Priya is a senior at the Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing in New York. Her graduation date is May 28, 2009 – congratulations Priya! Priya plans to be a pediatric nurse and is currently looking for a Nurse position preferably on a Pediatric ward, so she can pursue her passion. She enjoyed a summer internship in 2008 at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens on a pediatric med/surg floor. Priya also had a preceptorship at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital Of New York (MSCHONY) in the pediatric oncology unit. While Priya found the work emotionally difficult, she understands it takes a special type of person to work with sick children and adolescents, but she knows she can handle it. Referring to this population Priya says, “They definitely are a special group of individuals that feel misunderstood, and just want to find their place in this world, who simply are in need of love and TLC.”

When asked what drew Priya to Nursing, she explained while in high school, she participated in a medical program that allowed students to volunteer in a hospital of their choice, at which point she did so in Elmhurst Hospital, Queens. Priya volunteered in the geriatric unit and it was through this experience that her passion for nursing was ignited, and she knew Nursing was her calling. Priya loves the quality of the patient/nurse interaction and building therapeutic relationships. Priya said “ Nursing can be a challenging career to attain, but if caring for others is your love and passion, then you should pursue it at all cost, because it’s well worth it in the end. Nursing has many faces-you can be a teacher, work in community, politics, management—there are so many options to explore a career.  One that doesn’t necessarily have to be pigeon holed to what society portrays nursing to be through media.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Priya plans to use the $5,000 Education Award toward her Master’s degree in Family Health and Pediatrics.   Priya, you are delightful! All of us at know you will have a bright and successful future. We are happy to make a small contribution toward your continuing education.

Congratulations Priya !!!

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