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Welcome to Ask the Nurse Leader!

This column is dedicated to Nurses and ancillary support staff who would like to inquire about topics that spark their curiosity and interest. Transparent questions and answers that would enhance the growth of Nurses and their understanding of Nursing Leadership. We hope this will enlighten Nurses point of view of Nursing Leadership and open doors to coaching, mentoring, and insight that contributes to patient care satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction.  We hope to increase emerging Nurse Leaders interest in leadership with clear answers to their questions.

As a Nurse Leader, I’ve learned I have the ability to promote insight into leadership and staff engagement, positively influence change, and promote and establish respectful interpersonal relationships. Overall, I am a patient advocate and I use my ability to influence care and transform unit and Nursing culture in every aspect of healthcare. Nurse Leaders lead the strategic planning process in a department by developing programs that promote Nurses and ancillary staff/patient care services, which contributes to great patient care and staff-to-staff relationships.  I am honored to serve as the patient advocate and encourage patients, through teaching and collaboration, to speak for themselves. Regarding Nursing/patient care services, I advocate for what is needed to perform and enhance safe, compassionate, and effective care for patients.  I enjoy collaborating with Nurses and patient care service staff to impact Nursing practice, quality of care delivered and improving the practice environment for Nursing/patient care services.  When Nurses have their questions answered, it contributes to exceptional patient outcomes and holds us accountable from all levels of the organization to improve units, service lines and organization performance.  One thing I continue to learn as a Nurse Leader, is to strive to adhere to a shared decision-making/governance model for everyone, through engagements that include an environment that supports research, evidence-based practice, development, and self-sufficiency.

I enjoy seeking opportunities for Nurses and ancillary staff to advance through mentoring, coaching, community engagement, professional development, and continuing education.  I also enjoy aspiring, encouraging and providing staff with constructive feedback that provides them with the opportunity to expand their experiences, insight, and self-assurance.

Ask the questions that spark your curiosity and allow the answers to lead your insight to patient care, self-development, and contribution to advancing the Nursing profession and patient care services.

Angela Adjetey-Appiah, MSN, MPH, MA, RN, FAACM

Doctorate Program for DrPH-Health Policy and Management
New York Medical College


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